Why I like Birds…

Blue Bird

When I go shopping and I see a bird, I stop pause and decide if I like that bird.  I admire them all of the time.  My friends know that when I see birds I will usually pause and admire them.  One of my friends recently asked me why I liked birds so much. 

I stopped and thought about it for a little bit.  Then I told her why….Being the oldest child in a very unhealthy and dysfunctional family was a continual challenge for me.  I was born and lived in the Glendale/Phoenix Metro Area in Arizona.  My grandmother had five acres across my elementary school there.  She had some amazing trees in the front of her property.  I learned to climb and explore so many things in those trees. Those trees were my safe place from the drama in my young life.  I would climb those trees and my best friends were birds. I used to watch them and be with them close up.  In time we just hung out together looking at my elementary school, looking at the cars that would drive by or looking at different things going on in the neighborhood.  Several times I would go there to be alone with my thoughts and think, ahh…silence.  Just to get away from the arguing many times between my very young parents.  Sometimes my Dad would be upset about something, especially if he had been drinking with his friends.  I just got tired of hearing my parents fight.  They would fight about money, the car, my Dad’s escapades, not being a family and hard to be a family when we were left alone…

It was hard.  So, I learned to go up those trees and find peace and solitude with my dearly beloved friends, the birds.  Just to hear their chirping and sometimes cooing, chirping or singing such beautiful songs helped to ease my pain away.    Of course, I would see such amazing colors on those birds.   I really enjoyed some of the color combinations, too!  It revived me and refreshed me there. I would think about how beautiful our Master Artist created these creatures for me to enjoy.

“You have to believe in happiness, or happiness never comes … Ah, that’s the reason a bird can sing — On his darkest day he believes in spring.” – Douglas Malloch

Any time I see a bird cage or a bird I stop and remember….

Now, I can see them and it takes me back to that time in my young life when I felt safe and loved.  Don’t get me wrong I had my Mom, my dearly beloved and very Godly Grandmother that loved me.  I even had some uncles and aunts and cousins that loved me.  But when you are an only child for the first six years of your life you do get lonely.  I could hardly wait to go to school.  I would even stay afterwards and become the teachers pet many times.  Just to clean erasers, organize desks and school supplies were fun for me.  I had a lot fo energy and wanted to help.  What teacher would not want to be helped in their classroom?  But I am sure the teachers knew.  I did not want to go home.

Sometimes it was easier to be there and stay busy until my Mom got home from work.  My Mom went to that same school.  She had the same principle. My Mom was the last of seven children.  My Nana became a widow at age 40 and she became very creative to survive. She had five acres of land with rental properties on them.  Three houses and two smaller trailers.  That became her livelihood to support her and others.  In Spanish we would call it “El Rancho” (The Ranch).  There was always someone coming or going to her place that included 36 other cousins besides me.  I felt like our family filled our little town.  No matter where we went, people knew our family or someone in it.  My dearly beloved Nana would give me projects to do to keep me busy, but those little birds in those trees were a constant and I grew to love them and cherish our times together.  We were alone, we were safe and we could look at the world from a different perspective.  So I learned a lot from those little birds that have taught me so many lessons throughout my walk in life.  This journey that I have been on.  Do you know how much I enjoy the amazing free concerts the birds give us in the spring and those long days of summer?  I really enjoy those colorful, interesting and faithful friends, the birds.  That is why I like birds….

Have a colorful day!


3 thoughts on “Why I like Birds…

  1. I love birds too. But growing up my dogs were my faithful companions, and the rooftop of my house my place of escape. I was the last child at home, my sister being six years apart. I was left alone at home most of the time. There was also dysfunction in the family. Thank God he watches over us!

    1. Thank you for sharing some of your experience with me. I was not able to have dogs or pets growing up. I finally got a dog a year and half ago. I used to wonder why people made such a fuss about their dogs. I now know why people love their dogs or pets so much. Since, we got little “Taylor” or as Dan calls him “Triple T or Tiny Transforming Taylor.” He has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives. Actually, he is nestled next to me on my couch right now as I write this to you. He is my unconditional little “Love bug.” I am learning what unconditional love they can give us. Glad to know I am not alone with all of our crazy family dysfunctions! Glad to hear you had dogs to comfort you…Have a Colorful Day!

    2. Angie, Thank God for dogs. The companionship and love they give us is indescribable. Yes, it is good to know that we are not alone in our lives. The Lord is so very faithful to all of us! Thank you for your comments.

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