My Seasonal Insights – My Relationship with Snow!

Since 2014 is still relatively new, I thought I would begin to share some of my Seasonal Insights.

snow on my yard
Look at the snow we got last night.

This Wednesday morning in the Northwest it is snowing in Boise.  Lots of snow fell throughout the night.  I am sure most of the country has snow.  I can hear my husband, plowing the snow in our front yard.  Even though he has been ill for over a week with the yucky cold/cough virus that is going around, he is out there.  I asked him if he had energy to do that physical task.  He looked at me and could not imagine how in the world I would not want him to go out and plow the snow.

Dann likes to plow snow!
Here is my proof of my man enjoying plowing the snow at our neighbors hojuse.

I have learned that is it is one of his all time winter activities..  He needs to get out there and clean the mess.  He does not want anyone to slip outside our home.  He shares his gift of snow plowing with some of our neighbors.  Or at least one of them.  He does not like to plow the snow.  He also has a bad back and several other health issues.  My husband is grateful he gets the opportunity to do it and bless him.  .

My son, left at 4:15 am to go to his work and shovel snow around the Boise Capitol.  As a public servant, he needs to get it all ready for the public to come and work or visit the Capitol today.  I often think it can be a very challenging job, but also a very thankless one, too.  Their crew plows the snow and puts down lots of ice melt to protect the workers and visitors from slipping.   he likes the snow for another few reasons….He gets to get the grounds ready and safer for all.  He gets to work overtime and ma\ke some money.  He likes the satisfaction that he has done physically to enhance the area.

It is so interesting to me how much my perspective has changed concerning snow.  In my early married life I had a very challenging relationship concerning snow.  We just simply did not get along!  I will never forget when my husband took me and my younger brother, Mark on a field trip one Saturday.  We traveled to this remote Idaho town and they had more snow than in Boise at the time.  My husband had worked on the Fire Crew in Idaho City during one of his summers while in college.  I will never forget falling, feeling as my legs went under my body very quickly as a young man with a ten gallon hat was walking towards me. It felt like someone pushed me and I fell right onto my tailbone.  Ouch!!!  I was unable to move.  I think the whole town came out to see me and get me some help when that happened.  He asked me if I was alone and I told him no.  I asked him if someone could get my husband for me at the Fire Crew Lodge since I was checking out the downtown stores.  It was not fun especially when I realized I was unable to move and in great pain.  There weren’t hospitals, emergency rooms, etc to go to there at the time.  The EMTs told us we would need to drive down to Boise and get me checked out.  After a very long, bumpy and painful ride down the mountains we later found out that I had fractured my tailbone.  I had to sleep on a doughnut for months.  My hubby had to help me take a shower, get dressed and do whatever major tasks I needed to get done but unable to do.  I remember how hard it was to even take a breath in the first few days.  Slowly, I began to heal.  The doctors told me they could not really do much besides giving me some pain pills to ease the pain.

Another time, I slipped on an ice rink when we went with the young married couples at our church.  Scary to think I would reinjure my tail bone or back once again.  But, we ended up leaving asap. I told my husband I could not go through another ordeal with an injury again.  We later found out I had injured my lower back and had to get treatments for my twisted sciatica nerve.  My late mother-in-law, Barbara, took me to her Swedish family masseuse, Lillian.  I learned the power of natural healing in a practical way that day.  I have had several times that my sciatica nerve has gone out since that day.  But now I know what to do to bring healing to it.

Enjoy the beauty and quiet of the snow!!!

However, as I have gotten older my perspective has changed with snow.  Today I can actually say that I like the snow. Wow what a change of feelings.  I still do not like to drive in it.  It can be messy and slippery.  However, in the early morning hours I look at it and think about how each day is like the snow in some ways.  We get to write a new page in our life’s book.  It is so beautiful and so white.  It actually brings me a great sense of peace.  It is also so very quiet.  I think after all of the hustle and bustle of the recent holidays,  We need to be still.  We need to  be quiet.  We need to rest and enjoy the snow.

I know that not all of us can stay inside and enjoy the snow whend we want to.  I know some of us need to get to work in spite of the weather.  We need to go to school, appointments or wherever we need to be.  Snow for us does not always dictate an instant snow day.  Although the kids sure like it when they hear there is a snow day for them with no school.  They are usually excited with glee and often have so much fun just to play in the snow.

I really get to enjoy the color “White” and how much it contrasts with this beautiful blanket of wonder.  Making peace with snow has been very therapeutic for me.  I get to see it and not be afraid of it anymore.  My Mom often asks me if I like the snow.  I tell her yes, as long as I have the right boots, coat, gloves, etc. I am fine.  She always tells me to be very careful and not fall.  Moms are great.  You can usually predict how they feel about things.  I am going to put on my snow gear later today and take my little dog with his warm sweater on for a snowy walk.  Or maybe we will just stay indoors as I recover from my laryngitis and cough.

“Enjoy the appearance of the snow.  Appreciate the white color of the snow. Enjoy the beautiful affect it has on nature.  It is like a blanket that has  wrapped itself around the trees, the bushes, the ground and more.  May you enjoy the stillness of the snow all around you.”  Irene Woodworth,The Grateful One

What about you?  Do you like the snow??? I would love to know what you think… Have a Colorful and Snow Day today if you have snow….


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