God is Not Dead movie and my Personal experience…

My father recently passed away and I am slowly trying to catch up with it all.  I did not have Internet access where I was staying, so I am slowly trying to get caught up with everything from my 30 day absence.  

I am looking forward in seeing the movie “God is not Dead.”    When I saw the official trailer it reminded me of a English college professor I had at Fullerton College in Fullerton, CA.  Our first assignment was to write a paper on a single experience that changed my life.  I thought it would be good to do the parallel on how “I was blind and now I see” from the Amazing Grace hymn that parallelled my physical eyesight limitations and how the world opened up for me when I finally got my much needed glasses in second grade.  To me it was life changing and impacted my life that still is part of my life everyday greatly.  Unfortunately, my professor was very much like this professor in the movie.  English had been one of my favorite subjects and I always got “A’s” in the past.  He gave me a “C-“on my paper which was a shock to see.  I was really confused.

I heard there was another English teacher and I made it a point to see what she thought of my paper.  She read my paper and told me and if I were here student she would have given me an “A”.  on my paper.  She told me if I had that teacher, no matter how well the papers were written if it mentioned God in any way,  he usually gave his students a “C-” and sometime less.

I then made an appointment to see my English professor and let him know what I did.  I told him that I had gotten A’s” in the past and I wanted him to tell me why he thought I should received a “C” when the other instructor told me it was an “A” paper.  He gawked and tried to avoid the subject.  I decided to tell the teacher that even though we did not agree on a spiritual level that I should not be penalized for my beliefs which were my right as a student in the United States of America.  I also told him if he continued I would take it to the Dean of the College and share my experience with it all.  

Guess what happened next?  He took my paper out of my hands and crossed out the previous grade and wrote a “B” on it.  I never had a problem with that professor again.  I kept my GPA up and made it on the Dean’s List as I worked to further my education.  As I look back I do not know what possessed me to confront that teacher.  I do remember that I got really angry and could not believe that someone like him could be teaching my class!  That was the first time I had ever done anything like that. In the end i realized it was a very empowering experience for my in my freshman year of college.  Wow, so glad I did it!.  

To see the original movie trailer click on this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMjo5f9eiX8.


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