th-8I am back!  It has been a couple of years since I have posted on my blog. I have been through quite a few transformations, to say the least.

In a Nutshell:

  • I became a Caregiver to both of my parents before they passed away.
  • Since both of our parents have died it is a very different feeling to be the elder sibling in our small family.  In a sense, we are considered orphans by some.  Grateful to have a Heavenly Father that watched out for us more than ever!
  • My Mom had been the Chief Prayer Warrior in our family and after her departure, there was a job opening in our family. So, being the oldest child I took on this new position.
  • Our family members have changed. Our little dog, “Taylor,” was killed in a “hit and run” accident three days after my Dad died in Phoenix, AZ. We were devastated. We had to get another dog at the Phoenix Shelter to fill the empty hole in our hearts.  We ended up getting two dogs that grew up together.  “Jack” (a Bichon Frise/Parti poodle mix) and “Jill” (a tri-color Jack Russell terrier mix.) Our life is never boring with them!
  • Our family has been more involved in Toastmasters and we are now part of a new club being formed called: “Words of Strength” at the Snake River Correctional Institute, Minimum Facility in Ontario, OR.
  • I am now a member volunteer of the Assistance League of Boise. They do amazing work for the disadvantaged kids in our community.
  • I continue to make entries for the Saint Alphonsus Festival of Trees and grateful to have a family that helps me behind the scenes to get this done for charity.
  • My days have been filled with lots of quiet, healing, grieving, crying, and times of reflection. It has  been an important time and needed time.  I am feeling more restored.  I have a refreshed purpose in desiring to fulfill my destiny since I have been given a Second Chance at Life!  You could Color me Grateful!

My priorities have really shifted.  Life is so precious...

I will share more later about these experiences and hope to give you hope, lots of colorful moments and share my creativity with you! Are you in? Come along for the ride as I share!!!


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