Why I’m Grateful…

How do you celebrate life?  In light of the craziness and business of our lives, I would like to take a pause and let you know why I am grateful to be alive today.  It was just another routine day and my life changed dramatically in an instant.  I woke up with pain at 2:00 … Continue reading Why I’m Grateful…


Living with Less, not More

Have you read any good books lately?  I am reading a very challenging book that is making me rethink my age, my life and how to make it better.   The name of the book is “Living with Less – the upside of downsizing your life” by Mark Tabb.  For some time, I have been feeling … Continue reading Living with Less, not More

Insights from Parkinson’s Disease – Part 1

We have many things that come and go into our lives.  Some things we never asked for, wanted or hoped to receive.  However, this morning I thought about an illness that affected my Dad and Uncle Gilbert, too.  The disease was Parkinson's.  The only time some of us heard about it was when we were … Continue reading Insights from Parkinson’s Disease – Part 1

My Childhood Memories or not….

My Father passed away in Arizona recently.  I had a unique experience while I was there before he died.  I was in my small hometown of Glendale, AZ.   As I listened to Miranda Lambert's song of "The House that Built Me,"  I thought about my experience and realized it was unlike Miranda Lambert's song. … Continue reading My Childhood Memories or not….